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Roller shutters

Roller shutters (produced from aluminium) are a reliable protection against many external factors. They not only shield against wind, rain and excessive exposure to sunlight, but also provide a solid thermal isolation and acoustic isolation. Thus, installation can increase energy saving and prevent from noise. Moreover, a roller shutter ensures higher level of household members’ safety, due to its anti-burglar features and solid armour.

We perform installation and maintenance services for all types of roller shutters.

Our offer includes variety of roller shutters’ systems:

  • Standard system (Built-on roller shutter) - the roller shutter box (available in rectangular and oval shapes) is fixed to the exterior of the building facade. Integrated anti-insect net also available.
  • Built-in roller shutter - the roller shutter box is built into the lintel above the window. Integrated anti-insect net also available.
  • Integrated roller shutter (installed under plaster) - A roller shutter and window combined as a single unit. Highest energy saving level.

We also provide various drive systems:

  • Manual drive - Operated by tape or by a cranked winding handle,
  • Spring drive,
  • Electric drive - wired or radio electric steering (including individual streering, group steering and central steering).
  • One of the unquestioned advantage of roller shutters is the increased prevention against unwanted guests. Shutters can be equipped in number of blockages, which make it impossible to open the shutter from the outside.
  • Manual bolt - manual protection installed on the lowest slat.
  • Automatic bolt - automatically blocks the armour when the shutter is in the lowest position possible. Unblocked by the internal tape. Used along with manual drive.
  • Baskwil lock - a lock installed in the lowest slat with double sided insert, unlocked with a key. Suitable for roller shutters with automatic drives.
  • “Blockage” peg - Suitable for roller shutters with automatic drives. Effectively prevents from opening the armour from the outside, when being in the lowest position. Unblocked by the release of the drive.