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Repair services


In the event of a fault or damage to the door, the Animo company provides professional advice and service. Our experts after hearing the details of a fault, immediately take the necessary remedial work at the client. Service has its own spare parts, which significantly reduces repair time. If it's unable to repair defects we will present our offer that can be adapted to other home decor items.

Repair, installation, service doors:

  • aluminum
  • pvc
  • wooden
  • steel
  • automatic

Repair, installation, service windows:

  • aluminum
  • pvc
  • wooden
  • steel

Repair, installation and service of blinds

Construction works:

  • Bricklaying
  • Surfacesmoothing
  • Painting
  • Thermal insulation
  • Self-leveling floors
  • Tiles and terracotta
  • Forging and demolition

Plumbing installation work:

  • Emergency repairs
  • New instalations
  • Processing of existing installations
  • Cleaning and interspersed with a diameter of 150mm installation

Cleaning of drains:

  • Electric Spiral - REMS Cobra 22/32 cleaning pipes Ø 20-150 mm, with interconnecting spirals, chains, cleaning or cutters, provide effective, high-speed operation. Even     in difficult situations, such as: the hard journals and hard lodgement.
  • Electricpressureplunger
  • RIDGID Water pressure plunger for cleaning drains. Flexible, lightweight hose passes through bottlenecks of sludge, soap and grease. When removing the hose washed, causing flushing debris away and restoring patency channel.

Electricalworks up to 1 KV:

  • Emergency repairs
  • New electrical installations